How to protect assets with offshore schemes?

For someone offshore world, this is a game of hiding and seek from the tax service, but a day comes when this game becomes a reality, with not a very good ending. But there are situations when businessmen become unwitting hostages of offshore schemes, about which they have no idea.

Last summer, at the border crossing at Phoenix Airport, the United States was caught by the secret owner of Legacy Global Markets SA and the owner of two US and Canadian passports — Gregg R. Mulholland. He was detained for suspicion of fraudulent conspiracy and receiving a commission from securities, money laundering through manipulation, on various actions of publicly traded US companies and laundering about 300 million dollars through five offshore companies.

Before the crime was revealed in September 2014, the company successfully operated as an offshore broker and investment manager in Panama and Belize. Mulholland’s fraudulent network included lawyers and broker-dealers who used pseudonyms and sham companies.

The activities and services of our business portal are built solely on providing legal advice, services, and financial products for the development and protection of our clients’ businesses. We exist for many years and work with partners and customers from all over the world, which allows us not only to build a reliable and respectable reputation as a professional service provider but also to offer our customer’s exclusively legal and profitable investment products and ways to protect capital in the offshore world.

However, the market is full of enthusiasts who want to offer you something more than legal structures to protect assets. So, how to find profitable investments without breaking the law? There are simple ways to protect and increase capital, as well as multi-layered schemes that give you the opportunity to intelligently and legally invest.

Build a reliable network

It is a reliable network of partners, regardless of your business activity, that will allow you to find a legal and profitable source of investment. It is important to find someone you can trust. Initially, you will need to try to build your network, but it, like a real asset protection plan, will work for you throughout your life, and it may be inherited by your children and grandchildren.

If you are planning to go offshore, you need a reliable consultant, lawyer, banker, wealth manager, and everyone who understands this issue and can provide proper advice and advice.

How to build the necessary network – there are several options. One of them, you can go to a country or city where you are interested in services and use common contact building techniques, for example, starting with finding a reliable lawyer and building relationships with him.

Another option is to contact a professional service provider. Visit one of the conferences in which our company participates or organizes, and immediately get a solid network of partners. We will not “show a finger” where exactly to invest and what to buy, but we will reveal to you the most profitable options, as well as acquaint you with reliable professionals in this field in different countries of the world that are not associated with offshore fraud. The main advantage of such cooperation, that through one provider, you get maximum access to products and professionals in multiple directions.

The key to successful investment also lies in the self-assessment of opportunities. Do not do everything that others do. Today, many international investment opportunities ranging from luxury real estate in the Caribbean islands to investment companies can help, not only on the issue of investment but also work with your partners internationally by replacing an offshore bank. And all this is a legal opportunity for you and your business.

How to avoid becoming a victim of offshore schemes

 You should not go on the “copy/paste” path, otherwise, you will get bogged down with the same problems who choose mass products. Not everything is expensive that glitters. This is the way to characterize investment products, which are thrown at everything. If you are promised 100% of your investment, do not flatter yourself, such projects do not exist, at least legal or low-risk ones.

Today, someone can earn about 10-12% per year on agriculture, another up to 15% on securities, but most earn much less since there are macroeconomic factors that directly affect most industries. Very often, people give the desired for reality, if only to attract potential investors, it is important to understand this so as not to fall for it.

Create a plan and focus on it

How to avoid becoming a victim of offshore schemes

Focus not only on finding information but also on fulfilling a real plan. Bad investments and illegal schemes often spread through free access, but without real action and the fulfillment of your personal plan to protect and increase capital, you can not achieve any real result or experience in identifying fraud.

If you go offshore in order to “invest in order to get as much money as possible”, then with this approach it is unlikely that you will achieve your goal. As with everything, it is important to have clear goals. For example, if you want to invest in real estate, you need to understand for what purpose and what it will give you. For example, you want to get a second citizenship, or all you need is a clean one to come from the turnover of funds. The answer to these questions will provide a choice of different solutions.

If you understand your goal, this is the first step towards not becoming a victim of offshore fraud. Otherwise, you become easy prey for scammers.